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Horse Tracker is a project we started developping almost 4 years ago. It was supposed to be a small thing for me to care for my horse and as I was talking about it to people around me, I realised how useful it would be for lots of people and stable owners. We ended up putting a lot of work into it, developped features for stables, sharing, and more!

We are so happy with it; proud of what we have accomplished and we have so many more ideas to make the app even better and more helpful for the equestrian community all around the globe. I hope it will help make your life easier, whether you're the owner of one little pony or a huge equestrian center taking care of many horses.

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Horse Tracker is an app that we created to help all equestrians keep track of the things we have to do in order to care for a horse. You can add any tracker you need or choose from our suggested tracker list. Our trackers are 100% customizable with occasional or recurrent options, and each tracker contains Reminders that you can manage as you like.

  • Time tracker icon Custom
  • Notes, tasks and events icon Logs, Notes and
  • Notification icon Custom
  • File attachment icon Files and images
    upload to logs


With Horse Tracker, it's possible to share your horse's profile with other users. And as if that wasn't cool enough, you can also join or create a stable. Once you've joined a stable, you can add your horse so stable owners and their employees can add trackers, logs and edit your horse's care infos.


Stables have access to features such as Announcements, which allow you to send messages to all your members. Announcements are displayed on the users' dashboard and in your Stable. With the Contact Reports feature, you can send an email to any equestrian professional of your choice that includes horses and their owners' info inside.

  • Contacts icon Contacts and
  • Announcements icon Announcements
  • Stable members icon Invite your




If you're starting out your equestrian journey or you just want to try out our app, you can use the free version forever!

  • Free plan +
  • Limit of 1 horse / 1 stable
  • Limited stable features and can't invite members to your stable
4.99 $ per month Or save 17%: 49.99 $ / year


Perfect for regular Horse owners who are boarding their horses somewhere or have them at home.

  • Free plan +
  • Unlimited horses
  • Feature: Add files to Tracker logs
9.99 $ per month Or save 17%: 99.99 $ / year


This subscription level is for those private Stable with a couple of boarders.

  • Equestrian plan +
  • Add unlimited members to your stable
  • Add up to 10 horses to your stable
19.99 $ per month Or save 21%: 189.99 $ / year

Equestrian Center

Do you have a big stable or an equestrian center with many boarders? The Equestrian Center subscription is for you!

  • Stable plan +
  • Unlimited stables
  • Add unlimited horses to your stables
  • Feature: Stable announcements

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